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DIOnavi Surgical guide

DIOnavi. is a 100% digital
implant procedure,
from diagnosis to implantation.

We use oral data from CBCT and intraoral scanner to run 3D simulation and fabricate our famous DIOnavi. surgical guides that let’s you place implants more accurately and safely than ever.

* In December 2022, we broke our own record of the most number of implants placed using digital surgical guide by 700,000 implants (accummulated).

Minimized Tolerance Error

Our long Drill Tube design minimizes tolerance error

*Tolerance error = 0.859 °

Adjustable Offset

DIOnavi. straight drill can be used for different offsets, which makes it the perfect system for narrow anterior or thick tissues.

Perfect Torque for every bone

Profile Drills and Final Drills allows you to determine the actual bone density from the beginning.

DIOnavi Precise

Metal Sleeves

Metal sleeves prevent the surgical guide from chipping during drilling.

Low-RPM Drilling

Sharp blades allow drilling under 100 rpm, preventing bone heating.

Anti-Bone Heating

Needle instrument cools from the bottom of the socket.

DIOnavi Safer

Easy reach to posterior region

Short Guide Drill allows convenient surgery in cases of limited mouth opening.

Unlimited range of indications

allows easy and precise surgery for various difficult indications such as sinus lift, immediate placement after extraction, edentulous case,etc.

DIOnavi easy to use


DIOnavi by DIO Implant offers advanced dental solutions renowned for precision and aesthetic excellence. These implants are crafted with cutting-edge technology and materials, ensuring durability and natural integration with surrounding teeth and gums. Whether for single tooth replacements or full-mouth restorations, it provides versatile options tailored to diverse clinical needs. Supported by a commitment to patient-centric care, DIOnavi empowers dental professionals to achieve predictable outcomes and enhance patients’ smiles with confidence and satisfaction. Discover how DIO implants can transform your dental experience with innovation and superior quality.